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Integrative Rheumatology of Westchester – Analysis and Treatment of the Thyroid and Adrenal Systems and related conditions.

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Are you feeling sluggish, easily fatigued?  Are you stressed and tired, or stressed and wired?

The thyroid and adrenal hormone systems are critical players in the hormone symphony. These hormones are important in regulating metabolism, the stress response, and immune system function. Problems with weight control, low energy, impaired sleeping habits, and poor immunity are commonly seen in patients with imbalanced thyroid or adrenal hormones,

At Integrative Rheumatology of Westchester, we will comprehensively assess both thyroid and adrenal function and devise a program of treatment to normalize and optimize your hormone function.

Thyroid hormones are the primary regulators of metabolism. Abnormal thyroid function is an extremely common hormonal abnormality. When thyroid hormone levels are low, people feel fatigued, sluggish, gain weight and note changes in their skin and hair.  Constipation and bloating are common, along with swelling of the extremities and puffiness in the face. Excess levels of thyroid hormone often result in the opposite set of symptoms: feeling nervous, insomnia, palpitations, diarrhea and weight loss are typical, but many of the symptoms overlap.

Assessment of thyroid function can be complex: several hormones are involved and must be measured, and the results carefully interpreted. Some people will be told by their physicians that their thyroid function is “normal”, despite reporting symptoms suggestive of low thyroid function. This is a common problem: clinical hypothyroidism with “normal” blood tests. Sometimes, this occurs because insufficient thyroid hormone testing was performed.  In addition, the range of “normal” is wide, so many individuals who are clinically low thyroid (“hypothyroid”) will often be told that their levels fall in the normal range. But that level may not be normal for them—some persons function best when their levels fall in the upper quartile of the normal range.

Many people with thyroid problems suffer from autoimmune thyroiditis, or “Hashimoto’s Disease” in which one’s own immune system attacks the thyroid gland, resulting in dysfunction. In Grave’s Disease, antibodies directed at the thyroid gland actually stimulate an increase in thyroid hormone production and cause hyperthyroidism.

The treatment of thyroid hormone deficiency involves hormone replacement in most cases, although sometimes nutritional supplements can support thyroid function in persons who do not require hormone administration.  At Integrative Rheumatology of Westchester, we use biologically derived thyroid hormone products, rather than synthetic thyroxine (T4), because our bodies naturally produce quantities of both T3 and T4 and we like to mimic nature, whenever possible.

The Adrenal Glands produce a number of essential hormones. Adrenal balance is vital to the hormone symphony. Cortisol is the “stress” hormone and may be the most important backbone player in human physiology. It is produced in the adrenal gland, under the control of hormones produced from the pituitary gland and hypothalamus in the brain. This system of brain-adrenal interaction is often referred to as the “HPA axis” (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal) and illustrates the important interplay between the nervous and endocrine (hormone) systems.

But adrenal gland function is often overlooked, mostly because traditional medical teaching only recognizes “adrenal insufficiency” when a serious depletion of cortisol is identified, despite the fact that many persons who are chronically stressed have abnormal levels of cortisol—either high or low. This condition is often referred to as “adrenal fatigue” or hypoadrenalism.

Low adrenal function is often a consequence of chronic stress and leads to a constellation of symptoms that often overlap with thyroid dysfunction and include fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, and depression.

At Integrative Rheumatology of Westchester, we use salivary and urinary hormone tests to assess your adrenal function.  Hormone balance and optimization is our goal. Whether adrenal gland function is low or high, we use adaptogenic herbal supplements, sometimes adrenal extracts, and a program of stress management to help achieve harmony.  A number of techniques, including meditation, yoga, and exercise programs can help with personal stress reduction, leading to happier, healthier, and longer lives.

What our patients say

  • I have relied upon the medical skills of Dr David Lans since 2013 after a long search to find someone who could help me with my immune system problems.  Dr Lans offers a warm and inviting environment where you can unhurriedly discuss your problems and participate in proposed solutions.  I recommend him highly to my friends
    -J. Karten
  • I recently received excellent care from Dr. Lans. Not only did he diagnose my problem right away and correct it but I always felt he was very interested in getting me better. His office staff was very professional and accommodating as well.
    Joan B. New Rochelle, NY
  • Staff was friendly no wait time Dr. Lans clear and concise while explaining what he was doing, painless quick made for a pleasant office visit.  Would recommend to friends and family.
    Lorris R.
  • Dr. Lans is indeed an amazing Doctor. On my first visit, he was kind caring and patient. He answered all my questions and asked me questions about my problems and how we could fix them. He didn't rush through my visit and was very thorough. Dr. Lans is a rare find. He is a very warm and genuine Doctor. I would give him 10 stars if I could! I wish I could still see him as my Doctor but he no longer accepts my insurance. Dr. Lans is Wonderful, Amazing, Caring, and Intelligent! Just a Great Doctor indeed!
    Roxi M.
  • I can’t say enough about how wonderful and professional Dr. David Lans is. I have been having trouble with my ankle since last November. In that time I have had three MRI’s and been to four different doctors. The last option was to have surgery. I was referred to Dr. Lans and traveled to New York to have a stem cell procedure done. Dr. Lans explained to me every step of the way what was going to happen and what I would be feeling and helped me to relax since I was a little nervous as to what “stem cell” was. After the treatment, it took a couple of weeks to really start feeling better. It has now been three months and I am NOT in pain anymore. I am the happiest that I didn’t do the surgery and went with Dr. Lans. It will still take a little more time for my ankle to be back to normal but I am well on my way. THANK YOU DR. LANS
    Anna M.
  • Across the 16+ years during which Dr. Lans provided primary care as well as specific treatments for me, I came to understand, respect and appreciate what I am certain is only a small part of the considerable breadth and scope he brings to the task. Where medicine is a blend of science and art, he brings the best in command of broad knowledge and distills practical wisdom and insight from clinical experience, and from my observation, his thinking and judgment are not bound by convention or other potentially limiting factors.
    Therese B.
  • Dr.Lans is one of the Best Doctors I have seen so far. He is very caring, and thorough, spent a lot of time with me answering my questions, and helping me to understand why some things are happening to my body. He is truly a rare Doctor to find. Great, Wonderful, and an Expertise in his field. Review
  • I have been a patient of Dr lans for over 20 years. He's a great diagnostician & very professional. He's always very pleasant & takes a lot of time with me. Frankly, he's the best! Review
  • Dr. Lans has been my PCP for many years. He is thoughtful, up to date, very smart, concerned, explains everything, spends as much time with you as you need, has a patient portal for individual information or contact. His staff is great. If I could give more stars, I would. Review
  • The Best.  Have been a patient for over 12 years. Review
  • It is rare to find a doctor these days who actually sits down and talks to you. What a refreshing experience!! Review
  • I went for years with undiagnosed symptoms and within two visits Dr. Lans had diagnosed the problem! Although having a chronic illness has a huge downside, he is open to trying alternative therapies and he is extremely respectful of every patient he sees. If you no longer trust Doctors or if you have been seen by abusive caregivers, give Dr. Lans a chance. He is the only reason I am as well as I am today. Review