We believe in promoting a healthy lifestyle free of harmful chemicals and substances. In today’s modern society, we are easily exposed to so many different pollutants, and this exposure makes living a healthy lifestyle especially tricky. A healthy body requires constant maintenance and clean fuel in the tank to perform at its best. By refraining from exposing your body to harmful chemicals, establishing a healthy regimen of nutrition, and tending to your body’s needs, you can reach optimal health.

We provide the will recommend the nutritional supplements needed to give you the vitamins, minerals, and botanicals that your body may be lacking or that can help you address problems. We recommend using the Fullscript platform to obtain discounted prices on professional grade, quality products and that Dr Lans will specifically recommend for you.

We strive to provide only the best and most effective supplement recommendations for each patient’s unique needs. Because supplements and vitamins can affect other medications’ effectiveness or absorption rate, it is essential to discuss any medications you are currently taking, as well as any existing medical conditions. This will ensure you are getting the most from your supplements without any unwanted side effects.
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