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Pursuing help for sexual issues can be a challenging task. People frequently feel a sense of embarrassment, fear, and even shame when having to confront these matters. They can harm self-confidence, create secrecy, and hinder intimate relationships. Conversely, fluctuations in sexual desire, performance, and behavior are normal occurrences that both men and women can encounter with age.

As people age, their sex life can weaken particularly after reaching their 40’s. Women can suffer from an absence of libido and reduced lubrication resulting in painful intercourse; men can experience erectile dysfunction initiating a less than pleasurable experience. The Sexual Wellness Program at Integrative Rheumatology of Westchester was designed to help men and women of all ages take enjoyment in the most satisfying sexual encounter possible.

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Men: Enhancing Sexual Wellness

The deterioration of testosterone levels in men can result in challenges that interfere with sexual health and function. There are techniques to enhance sexual performance and muscle memory so that men of all ages can still partake in an active sex life. Treatment options may include hormone replacement therapy, selective peptides, nutritional and herbal supplements and medications to improve sexual wellness and performance for men.

Women: Supporting Sexual Wellness

Worries with respect to sexual health can surface for women of all ages. These issues can differ from low libido, impaired arousal, poor lubrication and impaired vaginal tissue health, difficulty achieving orgasm and painful intercourse. We can discuss a number of approaches to address these issues, including hormone replacement therapy, either systemic or local to the genital region, supplements and peptides to help with arousal and sexual response, and medication, all depending upon each woman’s unique circumstance.

POWShot And WOWShot For Men & Women.

The POWShot for men and the WOWShot for women are revolutionary procedures that are performed in-office using PRP ( platelet rich plasma). The procedure is minimally invasive, safe, and an effective treatment to enhance sexual function in men and women. Please call our office to learn more at (914) 235-5577.