Peptide therapy is a new and growing area of medicine which may have benefits including improved sleep, hormone production, and the treatment of injuries. Peptides also play a significant role in how your body responds to diet and exercise. If the body isn’t producing enough peptides or essential amino acids, it will not perform at an optimal level. If you’re not familiar with peptides, let’s start with the basics. Over 7000 peptides have been identified in the body, so far. The most well-known of these is insulin, a hormone that we are all familiar with. Peptides have many different functions. Like proteins, peptides are composed of chains of amino acids. While Proteins contain over 100 amino acids and often many more, peptides are composed of short chains, containing less than 50 amino acids and may be thought of as short proteins or protein fragments. Peptides act as signaling molecules. They typically bind to receptors on the cell surface and tellothercells and molecules what to do. By introducing specific peptides, we can enhance certain desired functions and a safe and natural way. Peptide therapy is designed to target decreasing levels of essential amino acids and peptides in the body and to enhance certain normal physiologic functions. Peptides are highly specific, effective, and safe. Schedule an appointment today by calling (914)235-5577 or read more about peptide therapy.

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