Speaking & Interview Topics

Doctor Lans is a subject matter expert, sought after presenter, and media source on the topics of rheumatology, healthy aging, and regenerative therapies including PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapies. Below are some of his most popular lectures that may be tailored for clinical or general audiences.  

Combining The Latest Medical Breakthroughs And Traditional Strategies For Looking Great And Remaining Active In Midlife & Beyond.

Is it really possible to reverse or halt the aging process? Yes! Is it inevitable that you will be less active, have a decreased sex drive and gain weight despite eating the same foods you did your whole life? No! Dr. Lans will share the latest research on the medical treatments and traditional strategies that allow anyone, including those at mid-life and beyond, to look and feel like they did 10-20 years ago. Topics will include bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, Peptide Therapy, PRP (platelet rich plasma), Nutrition, Meditation, and Exercise.

The Future Is Functional Medicine ( 30 Minutes): The Patient As An Individual

Have you heard of functional medicine but not sure what it means? Is it the same thing as holistic medicine? The idea behind functional medicine is that one can not only prevent disease and troubling health conditions but in many cases, reverse them. Dr. Lans will explain the philosophy of functional medicine and its emphasis on uncovering the root cause of the physiologic imbalance in a patient. He will also explore how functional medicine incorporates nutrition and botanical therapies, lifestyle approaches and stress reduction programs.